The Office of Procurement Regulation

Rules and Procedures

              Electronic Filing and Hearing Rules for Part V Challenge Proceedings V1

              Hearing Rules and Procedures for Part V Challenge Proceedings V1


              Form 1 Confirmation of Service V1 (pdf)

              Form 2 Notice of Appointment of Representative V1 (pdf)

              Form 3 Notice of Change of Representative V1 (pdf)

              Form 4 Notice of Intention to Act in Person V1 (pdf)

              Form 5 Application for leave to withdraw as Representative V1 (pdf)

              Form 6 Notice of requirement of an Interpreter V1 (pdf)

              Form 7 Notice of need for accommodation V1 (pdf)

              Form 8 Application for Review V1 (pdf)

              Form 9 Reply V1 (pdf)

              Form 10 Application to Participate V1 (pdf)

              Form 11 Application for leave to call expert evidence V1 (pdf)

              Form 12 Application for oral examination of witness V1 (pdf)

              Form 13 Notice of Objection to a Written Hearing V1 (pdf)

              Form 14 Application for leave to discontinue withdraw V1 (pdf)

              Form 15 Application for costs V1 (pdf)

              Form 16 Application for access to the Record of the Hearing V1 (pdf)

Instructional Guidelines

              Form 1 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 2 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 3 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 4 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 5 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 6 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 7 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 8 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 9 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 10 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 11 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 12 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 13 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 14 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 15 IG V1 (pdf)

              Form 16 IG V1 (pdf)

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