The Office of Procurement Regulation

Will the composition of Procurement and Disposal Advisory Committee (PDAC) vary according to subject matter or are the appointments permanent?

The PDAC should consist of a minimum of three (3) persons. The OPR is suggesting (at a minimum) the following composition: (a) Corporate Secretary/Head of Legal; (b) Head of Finance; and (c) Subject Matter Expert. The Head of Legal and the Head of Finance may be established as permanent members of the PDAC. The third member of the PDAC would be the subject matter expert and will vary based on the procurement activity being considered. The public body should establish alternate members (at Managerial levels) in instances where there may be a conflict of interest. If the public body does not have the requisite capabilities, that public body may seek assistance from any other public body or an external organisation. A public body can expand the composition or membership of its PDAC to the specific needs of the entity. Of note, the public body’s handbooks and guidelines should state clearly the composition of the PDAC that it will adopt.

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  • Ginger says:
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    Hi, can you advise what should be done in the instance that the SME on the PDAC proceeds on leave? As far as the law and the guidelines go, legal and finance are the two permanent members, but the SME is variable based on the procurement activity. In the absence like this, what should be done? Can there be a stand in for the SME? Can their responsibilities be delegated to another person until they return? I look forward to clarification and discussion.
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