The Office of Procurement Regulation

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OPR Stakeholder Sensitisation Session with Environmental Management Authority – Evaluation of Proposals – August 2021.

The OPR’s Presentation at The Institute of Internal Auditors TT Chapter – 2nd Chapter Meeting.

Guidance on the development and publication of the Annual Schedule of Procurement Activities for fiscal 2020/2021. 

OPR appears on TV6 to promote upcoming Capacity Building Workshops in Sept/Oct 2019. 

Rotary Club of St Augustine and The Greater Tunapuna Chamber of Industry & Commerce Breakfast Meeting on the Overview of Procurement Legislation.

An Interview with the Procurement Regulator on Power 102 Radio Show.

Procurement Regulator Keynote Speech at Launch of the Corruption Perceptions Index 2018.

13th Public Meeting – JSC Finance and Legal Affairs – Nov 23, 2018 – Public Procurement.

An Interview with the Procurement Regulator on Morning Edition Show (25th September 2018).

Appointment & Installation of the Board.

Procurement Act Discussions.