The Office of Procurement Regulation


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Welcome to the OPR Speak Up Line

This service is provided through IntegrityCounts, a reporting system administered by Whistleblower Security, an independent company based out of our jurisdiction.
The Whistleblower Programme is a safe, confidential way to communicate your concerns if you feel your voice is not being heard.
The online facility can accommodate approximately 150 languages and is available 24/7.The global Whistleblower site can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world through this link.
The Office is also committed to: –
• objectively investigating any Whistleblowing Complaint
• protecting Whistleblowers and those who are part of the Whistleblowing process
• assuring that all Whistleblowing Complaints are treated in the strictest confidence.

File A Report

Have something to say? File your report here.

Review Your Report

Check on the status of reports submitted, add new information or respond to questions from your organisation.

Call the Hotline

Find a toll-free hotline number and speak with an IntegrityCounts agent.

Call the Hotline

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Who can use IntegrityCounts?
 IntegrityCounts can be used by any OPR employee and is also available to our third party suppliers to ensure we maintain an ethical culture across our supply chain.
 How is IntegrityCounts independent?
 IntegrityCounts is operated independently by a third party (WhistleBlower Security Inc.) and is accessible by phone or Internet, along with several other methods (mail, fax, email). You are not required to provide your name or any other personal information when submitting a report.
 What information should I include in my report?
 When making a report, please include as much information as you can to help us effectively investigate. The IntegrityCounts form will guide you through a the process of capturing these details and give you the opportunity to include text, documents, images or anything else that you think may be relevant.
 Can I make an anonymous report?
 Yes, as we are based in Trinidad and Tobago where anonymous reports are not discouraged, you can report anonymously should you choose to do so. When calling the hotline or making your report online, you will be asked whether or not you wish to remain anonymous. You will still receive a login and password to follow-up on the status of your report.
 What will happen to my report once it is received?
 A preliminary assessment will be completed by our investigation team for all reports submitted through IntegrityCounts. We will use the IntegrityCounts private and secure internal messaging system to communicate with you to capture more information and investigate the case to completion. We are unable to provide reporters with any details as to the progress or outcomes of an investigation given the sensitive and personal nature of the information collected.