The Office of Procurement Regulation is a body corporate established pursuant to an Act of Parliament, namely the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act, 2015. The Act aims to provide for public procurement, and for the retention and disposal of public property in accordance with the principles of good governance, namely accountability, integrity, transparency, and value for money and to promote local industry development, sustainable procurement and sustainable development.

Though the Act was assented to on January 14, 2015, it comes into operation on a date to be fixed by the President by proclamation. However, to allow for the establishment of the Office of the Procurement Regulation (OPR), the appointment of the Members of the Board, the performance of certain key functions of the OPR, and the drafting of Regulations, the Act was partially proclaimed by way of Legal Notice 150 of 2015.

The Office of Procurement Regulation (OPR) is governed by a Board, Members of which are appointed by the President pursuant to Section 10 of the Act. The Members of the present Procurement Board are:  


Moonilal Lalchan                   Procurement Regulator and Chairman
James Chang-Kit                  Deputy Chairman
David Charlerie                     Member
Frederick Bowen                  Member
Dr Anthony Lamb                 Member
Robin Otway                           Member
Herdis Lee Chee                    Member
Lara Quentrall-Thomas     Member
Sandra Sammy                        Member
Nadine Bushell                       Member 

Tracey Rojas                              Member

Additionally, to effectively execute the functions of the OPR, a highly skilled and competent senior executive management team is retained.  These members are:

Aleem Baksh                                     Chief Information Officer 

Pastora Brown                                 Team Lead – Procurement Policy Development 

Maurissa De La Rosa                    Team Lead – Procurement Capacity Development 

Joy Joseph-Lara                              Team Lead – Property Disposal

Delrene Liverpool-Young           Corporate Secretary

Stasha Mahabir                                Executive Assistant to the Chairman/Procurement Regulator

Lindy-Ann Mitchell                        Legal Advisor

Nadira Mohammed                       Finance Manager

Sharda Nanan                                   Team Lead – Audit and Investigations 

Tamara Roy                                         Corporate Communications Manager

Kymberly St. Bernard                   HR & Administration Manager